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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a customizable preapproval letter ready conveys to real estate agents and sellers you are serious about buying a home. Most agents recommend attaching your preapproval letter to any offer you submit.

Once you’ve been issued your preapproval through Neighbors Bank, log into your online account to customize the specific dollar amount and property address you want to include in the letter.

Check your Neighbors Bank online account regularly to complete all tasks as soon as possible. Contact your loan officer right away if you expect a change in your employer, hours worked or salary/hourly rate. Avoid additional debt such as opening a new credit card, purchasing a vehicle or putting furniture on a payment plan until after your home has closed.

Credit reports help us determine your ability to repay debt on time by providing information about your credit history and a list of debts you’re currently paying. It works as an essential risk indicator to make sure we can fulfill the loan approval requirements.

Once you are under contract, the underwriting team’s job is to confirm that the borrower and home meet approval guidelines. To do this, underwriters often need additional documentation as they move toward closing. These requests are more detailed than the information needed for preapproval. When new documents are required, a request will appear on your to-do list in your Neighbors Bank online account.

Our loan officers are mortgage experts who can help you evaluate your mortgage options to find the best fit for your unique circumstances. Learn more about your home loan options online, and contact us to talk to our experienced team.

There are 4 common goals in refinancing -- reduce your interest rate, lower monthly payments, pay the mortgage off quicker or utilize the equity in your home. Connect with one of our loan officers to discuss if refinancing makes sense for you.