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Let’s Get Your Home Loan Right

Your home deserves a trusted Neighbor

At Neighbors Bank, we believe friendly, personal service is every bit as valuable to your homebuying process as our mortgage expertise. We specialize in low down payment loans and help you evaluate all of your mortgage options to find the best fit. You can get to closing quickly and efficiently with an experienced team on your side.

Every homebuying journey is unique

That’s why you should know your options. We provide a variety of mortgage loan programs at competitive rates. Some mortgage types may be a better fit for you than others.

A 0% down, low-rate option if you’re looking to buy in an eligible area. But you’re not limited to the countryside. Many suburban areas are also eligible.

Learn About USDA Loans

This low down payment option (3.5%) is popular among first-time buyers who might not have the credit or cash for conventional financing.

Learn About FHA Loans

The VA Loan program is an earned benefit that helps Veteran and military families buy homes with 0% down and no mortgage insurance.

Learn About VA Loans

The most common home loan on the market. They typically require at least 5% down, though you may also be able to use a 3% down option.

Learn About Conventional Loans